10 Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Ten Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes collage.

Last minute? Me? umm, never.

It’s Sunday and yes, I do feel the need to talk more, again, still more, just one last time about Thanksgiving. I KNOW. I don’t deserve you.

If you have your life figured out and you’re always good at time, no need to keep reading. We love you. Goodbye. This post is really just for members of the I Need To Stop At The Store On The Way To Thanksgiving Dinner Club, of which I am President. I lack many skills, but last minute sprint-shopping is not one of them.

I just really need a collection of quick, last minute friendly recipes to choose from for holiday meals because these days I am just spending so much of my time with my house full of kids, I mean, wait. No, my pets? Uhh, shoot, my kitchen? UGH. I’m still just fighting the good fight of being on time and arriving all in one piece — just me, my adult self, and I. Lord have mercy on my future family.

Even though I am typically last minute, I have really mixed feelings about recipes that require lots of finesse, prep, and TLC. The prep pays off, right? It delivers deliciously, well-tended food that is dreamy on a Thanksgiving buffet table. But I have this policy (it’s a new policy, so look out world) that states that I am not allowed to do any high prep, all day recipes if it means I’m going to be late, crabby, and disheveled for my favorite food and family holiday of the year.

All The Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dishes – Right Here, Right Now

The beauty of these ten Thanksgiving side dishes (all my Thanksgiving faves in one place! best day ever.) is that they are easy in that way that’s really friendly to us latesters, and they’re still going to look at taste beautiful on the Thanksgiving buffet table. Two for the price of one! Err, yeah. Something like that.

Food in a white baking dish.

If you bring this, you’ll need to be prepared to accept the high praises of your people and to go home with a licked-clean casserole dish.

Mashed potatoes in a bowl with a wooden spoon.

Be the hero. Bring the potatoes. If you have five minutes, this one is ALL YOU, BABY.

Sweet potato salad with dressing drizzle.

Green! There is real life in this dead winter zone! That lemon dressing, though. You need it.

Pumpkin hummus in a blue bowl.

In case you might need something to prevent a hangry attack before the meal. Just saying.

Sweet potato casserole.

Thankfully my mom makes this every year – she knows that if it were my job, I’d show up late with half the pan already gone. Good move, Mom.

Salad with dressing drizzle.

Mirror Mirror on the wa — no, I’m not actually really that vain about a salad. Come on now.

Stuffing in a crockpot.

Plug that slow cooker in and let it go to town. You, on the other hand, can go back to bed for a little bit. *zing*

Brussels sprout salad.

Would it be fun if I tried making a new salad every year at Thanksgiving? Or would it be FUNNER if I just made the same salad every year because every single person in my family loves it? <— that.

Sweet potato salad with dressing drizzle.

Candied walnuts candied walnuts candied walnuts. Not that I’m obsessed or anything (candied walnuts).

Two pumpkin bars on white plates.

Cmere, I have a secret for you: I would choose this over pie.

Panini on a white plate.

What I’m planning to do with ALL my Thanksgiving leftovers. Come to meeee.

Green apple smoothie with pomegranate seeds.

And this is what I’m going to drink when I realize I have existed on potatoes, meat, and gravy for three days in a row. So fresh and yummy and happy for the body.

Just to get your mind ready, Monday will bring a baked, sparkly, sweet, healthy, and holiday-esque treat to this here food site. WHOA! I’m such a teeeease.

And you’re such a winner of a web-friend.

Thanks for stopping by on a Sunday and embracing the last minute things with me.

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