Just Showing Off Your Awesomeness


Dear Lindsay (and Bjork),

I have not done anything nearly as inspiring as all the people above but have been meaning to send you a note since I finished reading Afton’s Story.

I wanted to thank you both for sharing this story with the world. I have never lost a baby (close) but the way you wrote so honestly made it so real and it brought tears to my eyes, every time. I prayed for you.

I kept thinking that I can never fathom what it is you suffered through but at the same time how helpful your words would be if ever someone, who is going through it, comes across my path that needs encouragement!

Your openness is refreshing and you write so eloquently.

May the Lord, Jesus Christ be your source of peace, joy and strength for whatever lies ahead!

Annalize Breytenbach
(Cape Town, South Africa, just for interest sake 😉

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