Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Hummus

It’s rare for me to make the same meal more than once in a month. Now that I blog, I am constantly being inspired to try new recipes that I find all over the internet. It’s almost like it’s my job to try something new each week. Self-appointed job, but job nonetheless.

As long as this is my self-appointed job, I might as well try to overlap my weekly meal ingredients.

For example, if I am making a salad with goat cheese on Monday, then I know I will have some goat cheese left over and I can use it with my soup on Tuesday. That will work out well because I can also use the goat cheese again for my quiche on Wednesday. When Thursday comes around, I’ll have some extra goat cheese left for my panini. And Friday? A little goat cheese on the pizza never hurt anyone.

Now you know that I buy 5 containers of goat cheese each week. But I think you already secretly knew that.

Roasted sweet potatoes  with a side of hummus and a spinach salad.

So this meal is the product of overlapping ingredients at the end of a long week (leftover hummus, an opened bag of spinach, and one lonely sweet potato for roasted sweet potatoes). And it’s also one of the only meals that I have made more than once within a month. And maybe I’ve made it more than once within a week. Just sayin. I love this meal.

What I really love about this meal is that it feels healthy enough to finish off with an extra large triple berry pie bar and a jumbo scoop of ice cream. Which I did. Twice.

Roasted sweet potatoes  with a side of hummus and a spinach salad.


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Roasted sweet potatoes can be a meal! I served these yummy roasted sweet potatoes with a side of hummus and a spinach salad. Simple and so good!

  1. Roast potatoes by tossing the first three ingredients. Place on a baking sheet or roasting pan and roast for 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of the pieces and the desired roastedness.
  2. Toss the next four ingredients. Plate with a (large) spoonful of hummus. Remove sweet potatoes from the oven, check for doneness by eating a few, and then add half to each plate!
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cook Time: 30 mins
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: American

Keywords: sweet potatoes, hummus, vegetarian recipe

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Now about that triple berry pie bar – good things come to those who wait. And I won’t keep you waiting for long!

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