Thoughts at Three Months {his and hers}

Cebu sidewalks.

I can hardly believe it. It’s been three months since we boarded a plane in little old Minnesota, sprinted through the Chicago airport with overpacked carry-ons to catch our flight to Seoul, and finally bopped on over to our temporary home for a year: Cebu, Philippines.

Three months. That’s roughly 90 days, or 2,160 hours, or 532,403,851 dog barks, depending on how much sleep I’ve gotten.

That’s one fourth of a year.

That’s crazy.

Here are some of our collective thoughts from the first quarter – mine first, Bjork’s second, written separately.

Best thing we’ve purchased: a moped/ the motorcycle. (Technically it’s called a motard. <– First and last time I’ll say that word on this blog.)

Thing that we still need to purchase: anything for the walls/ a refrigerator that works.

Thing we wish we would have brought more of: plain T-shirts/ shirts.

Thing I shouldn’t have brought: shoes with heels/ my stash of cords or an extra large bottle of fish oil pills that I haven’t taken.

Best Filipino food I’ve eaten: turron (fried banana)/ Maja (white corn dessert).

Thing that’s been the hardest: pollution and dense population/ people everywhere you go.

Thing that’s been the best: the kids/ spending time at the shelter.

Thing that’s been surprising: it’s dark by 6pm, year round/ how early people get up.

Favorite restaurant in Cebu: Maya/ Maya.

Favorite thing to do on a Friday night: sushi and Netflix/ sushi and Netflix. (This could also be classified as the only thing we do on a Friday night.)

Most heebie jeebie moment: walking through dark and dirty street water up to my calves/ a cockroach and a rat running along the curb together.

Thing I miss the most: efficient systems and long walks around the lake/ friends and family.

Thing I’m looking forward to in the next nine months: watching a few of my students meet their forever families/ getting to know the kids better.

We have so much to be thankful for. Like you! Thanks for checking in. Yummy fried potatoes comin’ up tomorrow!

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